Friday, May 8, 2009

My Dad

...Has always been so adament about me getting a backpack on wheels to carry my school things in so my back doesn't hurt. Sadly after a tramatic experience in the 6th grade I am never going back to one of those! haha...okay so maybe im really kidding about that. {but really this mean 8th grader kicked my rolly backpack up in the air while I was wheeling it and then pointed and laughed at me with all his friends!!! RUDE!} and there is the fact that I don't really carry THAT heavy of a backpack these days so I'm good right? Well...just yesterday I got this email from my Dad with picture attachment and ALL! The email says, "Brit it is popular at sandiego campus to have a pull back pack, it may help you on your long walks." My Dad is awesome to think of me so spontaneously...that he cares about me enough to take out his phone to snap a pic of this girl before she wheeled away just so he could send me an email and tell me he cares about my little back! Precious! haha. So everyone....rolly backpacks are still COOL these days!!! {according to this evidence pictured above} Dad, I don't know if I am ready to enter the rolly backpack trend again anytime soon but thanks for totally making my day and making me feel so special! OH & HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!! Love, B


chellyyy said...

O my I love this post. My mom was totally wanted me to have a rolly back pack and I hate one in 6th grade. Going down the stairs at lrgreen and trying to run with them was unusualy annoying... Haha the days of being a little one.

chellyyy said...

maybe i shouldn't try to post comments from my phone.