Saturday, June 6, 2009

Movin Day

We are moving HERE this Lexington Apartments. It's just a little ways away from where we currently live but we will be saving mucho dinero while mastering the art of small spaces! {Also, It's fun that 2 of Scott's friends from Twin Falls will be living in the new apartments too so it will be fun to see some familiar faces when we move right in.}

It's quite the cozy little apartment & I am excited to decorate and make it a home....I love thinking of ways to rearrange things and make it OURS. It will be fun to have a fresh decorating start :)...but it will also be bitter sweet to leave our amazing brentwood apartment friends and our great ward...but we really are excited for this new move and adventure. Plus we aren't that far away & we can still have our friends!

So here are a few of my inspirations and ideas...

Since we will have a few walls like these.....{except not as pretty}

...I want to cover one of the walls in our front room behind our couch like this...with some curtains so it covers the cold-bricky-ness and also so it gives the effect that there
is a window there...which might also possibly make it look a little more open and spacious!

I love damask with green and/or blue. Right now the main colors in our apartment are red, black and gold....I think if I move some things around we can have a black, blue/turquoise, brown, damask kinda color scheme going....k so maybe that sounds kinda odd right now but you'll see what I mean.
It also would be fun to incorporate some vinyl wall words...we have a few damask pattern embellishment ones already...I found some other cute designs and phrases here!

So what do you think? Anyone have any other tips on decorating small tiny, 4 star motel kinda spaces? haaha

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