Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Bachelorette

K so for all you die hard Bachelorette fans...I found a much needed post by RealitySteve.com as I was trying to find closure to this week's episode. After watching I kind of had this pit in my stomach feeling..."Arrrghhh I just want Wes out of there...Can't Jillian see him for who he really is??" I am sure this is how the producers wanted me to feel exactally and I dislike them a bit for this. I hope this roller-coaster ride is worth it in the end cuz I'm still hangin on {as I am simply sunken down in my couch watching this storyline all unfold!} Haha...soo here are a few funny snipits from the aforementioned website. I literally laughed out loud at some of them...Check it out for all the latest Bachelorette gossip and way more funny quotes than these ;)

-{K this one is not that funny...but thought I would put it in for information's sake...}"Not that I’m a fan of Wes by any means, but it was fairly obvious tonight they edited him in a way that made him say those things. If you listened closely, so many of his lines were said without the camera on him, and you know those were just set up and spliced in to make him look bad. Once again, for a storyline."

-"First 1-on-1 date is with Wobby. I call him that because, well, that’s how he comes across to me. Rob is macho. Robby is a bartender. Wobby is a bartender who says things like, “My mentality going into this date is ‘I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…get that rose tonight.’” Lord that was stupid. Did he really just say that? All he needed to do to top that off would be to yell “Choo! Choo!” as he pretends to yank on the horn as the conductor of the train."

-"Michael gets right to the point. “My parents, brother, and my dog will all tell me, ‘If you don’t marry this woman immediately, you’re out of the family.’” How about disowning Michael from the family for the sole reason that his occupation is “Break Dance instructor”. Last time I checked, seems the only income that brings in are the loose change people throw in the hat he has laid out on his giant piece of cardboard."

-“Now that I’ve felt how soft her feet are, I want her to meet my family.” I can honestly say Tanner might be the only human being on this planet who has ever uttered that sentence. Frightening.

-"And oh yeah, they all got in a hot tub, and Kiptyn got a rose because he developed another 6 pack of abs in the last twenty minutes since we last saw him."

-"Reid also can’t believe Jillian doesn’t wash her vegetables. I think it’s safe to say at this point Reid is probably one of those guys who walks around with a bottle of Purell all the time too. And washes his hands before and after every meal making sure each hand is scrubbed the exact same amount of times."

-"Jillian did pull Michael aside before the rose ceremony started probably because they needed more filler time. She just wanted to make sure he was ready for a commitment since he’s so young, so immature, and so broke. I think he said he would break dance 18 hours a day if he had to just for her."

-As "said" by Jillian...“This is really a tough night for me. I remember being in this position and it’s a big deal because now we’re getting families involved. But I know I have seven extraordinary people in front of me. I care about you. I feel really, really grateful. You are the five guys the producers had laid out from the beginning. I mean, I randomly decided I liked you five.”

Oh & in case you were wondering...I, Myself {and my Scott...haha we totally watch it together. } are rooting for Kiptyn...{The rest we were voting for already got booted...& a no no no on Jesse and Wes. Michael is funny but not her type..Reid is a little too neurotic...ha! So there you go} I can't wait till they go to Kiptyn's home town of Encinitasssss, CA! {I just realized how many of ...these....I used. haha. oh well.} Watch the Bachelorette Mondays on ABC! Lates.

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The Farrow Familia said...

Had no idea my daughter and son-in-law were Bachlorette junkies. Way funny....just so you know your mom is a junky too.!!! HAAA-Heee....so not reality.