Thursday, June 11, 2009

DIY Transformation

This is a very clever way to transform something that someone might totally disregard as old and worn out into something so very beautiful and functional to display in your home! Sooo if you are looking for a fun and innovative summer project...head on down to your local thrift store and start shopping for a one of a kind foot-board to transform. Then all you really need is a little paint and imagination. Notice the cute added knobs to hang things on. Super functional. I love it! Someday a project like this will make it into our home :)


Joanna and Eric said...

So cute! I'm all about crafty things, I just am not very crafty... Hehe. How are you!?

Bonnie & Brian said...

I'm a little hooked on HGTV and I love these fun ideas! Won't it be fun to decorate your very own home when the time comes?? I'm very much looking forward to that! By the way- I never thanked you for sending that cute scrapbooky photo collage of Avery for mother's day. That was really nice of yoU! THanks!

The Farrow Familia said...

I love this idea....way cute! You know I have a HGTV junkie.