Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Learning by Faith

{my very first step on campus, Fall 2007}

I came upon a quote in the readings for my, "Realizing the Vision of BYU-Idaho" class today. It comes from the first principle of the Learning Model...

"Learners and teachers who center their faith in the Savior "look unto Him in every thought" such that they do no doubt their capacity to learn, nor fear their opportunities to teach. (D&C 6:36) The power we access through faith in the Savior allows us to exceed our natural limits and learn beyond our natural capabilities."

It is awesome how the Lord is so eager and ready to bless our efforts of learning if we will but come to him in faith. I know that I can learn far beyond what I ever believed was possible to learn by more conscientiously and consistently applying my faith in my Savior to my learning and teaching at this university. I can no longer rely on what methods I have used in the past. I must reach higher and inspire to learn by faith and be taught by the Holy Ghost in all things I seek to study. The Holy Ghost is the greatest teacher and I know this way of learning and teaching is inspired and can lead us to greater heights that we can not comprehend, but that are possible.

One of my goals this week is to act for myself and take more responsibility for learning and teaching by faith. I need to better apply myself and trust in the Holy Ghost to guide me in class discussions and inspire me in the words I write and say so that I can get the most out of learning.

I know the Holy Ghost can "teach us all things, and bring all things to our remembrance." I know that if I prayerfully and diligently trust in the Holy Ghost I will be lead to learn things that are tailor-made for my personal development and the development of those I strive to teach.

I have learned so much from this class {I recommend it to all....plus it's just one credit!} and I have learned so much from my experiences at BYU-Idaho that I know are preparing me for the rest of my life by strengthening my testimony of my Savior and increasing the spirit I feel each day. The things I am learning now will be a benefit for anything that I strive to do in the future and I am so thankful for the opportunities I have had and continue to have at this university. I know it is the school and "disciple training center" where I am supposed to be. {Even more Fall 2007 pics here}

{touring the area...first time at yellowstone. beautiful!}

{First apartment in college...good old Colonial 109 where the girls are fine!! & wow my Dad took this while helping me move in & this is the apartment Scott and I first met in. K tearing up a little. Good times!}

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