Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rest in Pieces

Yes...our 1980s Farrow hand-me-down, trusty, old school television has officially kicked the can. It will no longer turn on when we want it to! It has a mind of its own and decides to turn on at random times just to freak the crap out of us. The hissing static all of a sudden turns on with roaring loud volume and brings back scary flashbacks of watching the creepiest movie of all time, The Ring. We have tried to take it a part to shake it around a little to try to revive it but success yet.

This makes be quite sad not just because we no longer have a TV to watch movies on...but I basically grew up with this TV. It used to belong to my grandparents and I watched many movies for the very first time on this TV. Movies such as Pete's Dragon, Black Beauty and Willa Wonka. Every time my cousins were over we would hook up old school nintendo to it and play Zelda or Mario Bros on it! Man...those were some good times. My parents then recieved it as a hand-me-down a few years ago when Nanny and Bompa got a brand spanking new big screen. And then they gave it to us for our very first television in our married lives...But it now happens to be capoot! :(

They don't make TV's like this anymore...huge, wood paneled and it was even made in the U.S. of A! RIP old school TV we will miss you. 1980ish-2009.

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