Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Very Unexpected Visitor

So it has been pretty dang hot lately. {Yes, Rexburg does get hot from time to time...imagine that!} We left our front door open as we were studying for our last finals of the week.....when all of a sudden we see this guy waddling on his merry little way,clear to the other side of the room!
I didn't even know there were SALAMANDERS in Idaho! I had never seen one before and this guy was so huge and gross and slimy!! Scott saw it first and leaned over to me pointing and saying...."Britt, don't scream but there is a salamander right there!" I swear my books and paper went flying. I stood up on the couch and said...."Get the broom and dust pan, Quick!"
Scott, being the super brave man that he is, did not even hesitate. Good thing Sammy the Salamander was a slow poke so Scott was able to single handily shoo him OUT! I for one....shivered at the thought of such a creepy little animal crawling into our house without any notice! Lately there have been so many spiders and ants. I do NOT like it. Growing up in a pretty rural part of Escondido I was pretty used to finding spiders and even crickets in my shower but for some reason, lately, I totally freak out at the sight of these little guys!
Needless to say, I wore shoes the rest of the night. Even to brush my teeth. Pathetic I know. I was even afraid to get too close when I took these pictures. haha. BUT overall it was a great success and Sammy the Salamander will not be returning any time soon. He is now lonnnnnngggg gone!

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