Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Inside my Heart

How we feel about the new semester....

Yea we have been pretty darn busy this semester and it hasn't even been a full week back yet. I always get cold sores when I feel stressed and currently I have 6 or so making their ugly little selves a comfy yet massive home on my lip. Bad news for my love. No kissing. Just upper lip kissing. hahaha. Awkward. Actually now it is more like an inside joke and we just laugh at ourselves as I try to avoid passing on these contagious buggers. We just have to resort to eskimo kissing. Well maybe that was all too much information but it's just the true facts of my life, people.

K so we are actually really liking our classes it is just hard to get back into the swing of things. When you go from summer relaxing to all of a sudden "we are back to the busy school routine and structure thing" it is quite the shock to the mind and body. I just finalized my emphasis {Organizational Behavior} and minor {Marriage and Family Studies} and i am really excited about that because it feels good and right and I only have 2 semesters to go. Though I am not going to is hard & yet it has recently occurred to me that one of the most important thing is just to be where you need to be when you need to be and then you pretty much have 50% or more of your school/work responsibilities filled. That fact is true for a lot of things in life though if you think about it. 1/2 of it is just getting/being there to soak it all, the temple, devotional, mutual, service activities, practices.....but it is a lot more than just being there too.

You gotta have the right attitude and be consistent in what you think and do. Consistency=Strength. Consistency is also something you always have to work at and improve upon. Just like your testimony or a marriage. What I also want to say is that when you make the effort to do something and strive to do what you think is best.....the Lord will help you with the rest. You never have to be alone and you never have to feel like it is all up to you. I am so glad that I learned that early on in my college days because priesthood blessings, comfort of the Holy Ghost or just reading my scriptures and praying for strength and guidance has never failed me. The Savior really has felt all that we have and he really has already carried all our burdens for us....we just need to recognize that and let him take them from us.

WOW we can't believe how little time we have left here & how fast time really does fly by. It is so important to not take things for granted and find happiness in the journey because before you know it, it will be over will and what will you have left? Even the almost 9 months we have been married has flown by so incredibly fast! & Wow there is so much I have learned the past year & holy cow I can't believe we are old married people and going to have a real legit wedding anniversary in a few months. Yikes! haha anyways. I just want everyone to know how much they are loved by a gracious and kind Heavenly Father who watches over us in a very caring and direct way. When I look at others through Christ's eyes I have been amazed at the difference it has made in how I treat others because I have felt God's love for those people. I know Heavenly Father loves me and loves all his children. I have felt that so strongly and truly in my heart lately.

I didn't mean for this post to get so mushy and thoughtful but I really have felt so blessed and strengthened by the Lord lately. Welp I gotta jump on some more homework before I get too sleepy. Have a great rest of your week! & remember one week without prayer makes one weak.

Love, Brittany

P.S. Scott would like to say hello.


Carly Noel said...

This is ABSOLUTELY what I needed to hear. Especially the consistency=strength part. I've been feeling overwhelmed and I haven't really known where to begin, but you nailed it; I just need to be consistent. Consistent in spiritual matters first, and then secular.

Thanks Britt. I miss you.

Melody said...

Thanks for your thoughts...especially about he consistency. I think that's something we all struggle with...I know I do! I like the part about being where you need to be when you need to be there, also. It really is half the battle and makes me feel so much better if I can just get that far!