Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to the Burg

This past week we volunteered to be I-Team Leaders for the new student orientations. We were over the married and transfer students. It was a lot of fun! {Oh and P.S. I got glasses after almost failing my eye test at the DMV. I can see everything so much clearer. It is amazing! haha.}
This was our Mentor Group during training. G12 What what!
We all had Indian names and Scott's was Chocolate Mousse because he was the only one with dark brown khakis. You can tell he is delighted to have that name in the pic above. haha. My Indian name was Hawk Eye because I have sharp new eyes with my glasses! Yessss. Overall it was a great experience and helped renew our feelings for why we came to this university and it definitely strengthened our testimony of the great promises the Lord has in store for us.

Then...this weekend we had a bonfire at BD Park with our good friends Tanner and Marissa! They just moved in right above us and we are so happy to live so close to fun friends! Love you guys!
Here Tanner is protecting Mariss from the harsh heat of the fire. She now goes by the Women in the Foil Mask and/or Capitan Hook! haha. What a fun weenie roast! :)

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