Sunday, October 4, 2009

All in One Weekend

We drove to Provo for a BYU Management Society conference where members from all over the world joined for networking, workshops, business and leaderships advice, good food and lots of fun!!
We represented the Newell K. Whitney chapter from BYU Idaho. It was the first time BYU-Idaho students have attended the annual conference so it was a super beneficial opportunity for us to learn more about the business world and how to make it a better place!
We met people from Finland, Argentina, Singapore, Mexico and all around the U.S!
The first day of the conference was held at Aspen Grove. The fall colors were so beautiful!!!
Now it is up to us to spread the vision of the society and get more students to join the BYU-Idaho chapter so they can then go out into the world spreading and starting societies wherever they go.
We heard from some really great keynote speakers at the conference....Here we are with C. Terry Warner with the Arbinger Institute who wrote "Leadership & Self Deception". I just finished reading the book the week before the conference for one of my classes so it was neat to hear him speak and actually get to meet him. He signed our book for us....I am definitely getting an A on my paper!

Important things we learned at the Conference:
-Our spiritual and business lives need to include the same spirit. They should not be separate...they should work together.
-Apply integrity in the business world by having ethical courage, be willing to pay the price, be an example to follow and set a foundation of personal values.
-People will follow the direction of the person that does the right thing.
-Don't be unattentive/blind to others
-Greatest change in our lives is becoming open and responsive to others.
-Find our how they need to be treated. How are you reading other and adapting?
-Others can feel your intent. Are you helping other your way or the way they need it?
-Take responsibility to do good for/to other & Respond with the kind of love people need.
-Attain moral awakening and perception to better solutions
-How you feel about yourself is how you feel about other people
-See people as people, not objects.
-We change when we find that call upon our souls to help/open to others
-Holding people Accountable is impossible. It is nothing like accountability. It backfires and makes people resist.
-Spirit of Christ is available to all. If they just know someone loves them they will rise to the occasion
-Everything good comes from Christ and if we have not charity we are nothing.
-Have a mid-life crisis before getting into industry.
-Find friends that are influential.
-Make networking about the other person. Service builds relationships.
-When you know the right people things happen. "Never eat alone"

Bonnie & Brian & little Avery let us stay with them in Provo. We had a lot of fun with them, getting yummy food, playing games, and taking walks to the Provo temple and awesome park after the conference.
Here's the beautiful mama and baby girl :)
The weather was perfect for a walk (we heard it snowed in Rexburg while we were gone! Eeek!) & the mountains were completely breathtaking.
This one house had a smiley face shaped flower bed in their backyard! Too funny!
We got tickets to the BYU game Friday night....The last time I was at a BYU game was when I was 1 week old. We got super spectacular tickets on the 4 row down from the very top, underneath the video screen. haha. At least we could see everything from where we sat! BYU won and we were happy.
All in all it was a fabulous trip! It definitely beat going to classes Thursday and Friday :) To end our trip we listened to conference on the way home and made it back just in time for Scott to go to the Priesthood Session.


Nellie said...

Glad to see you in my part of town. Sounds like a great weekend!

Carly Noel said...

That's so cool! I LOVE Leadership and Self-Deception. I've lent out my copy a dozen times. Life-changing.

You guys are so cute. I love reading everything you're doing.

So I work concessions at the football games! I'm bummed I didn't see you! Sweet game, though =)