Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting through the....

Scott takes it this Friday....and while you are studying for the GMAT, or the wife of the man studying for the GMAT, you inevitably start wondering what it will really be like to take the test. I started looking for some GMAT inspiration and this is what I found...

"The most important things during the test is NOT TO PANIC. Stay calm n cool even if you are stuck somewhere. If you can manage that, its not very difficult to crack."

"You can do well even if you don't get a good nights sleep before the test."

"Don't forget your ID when you go to the test center."

"A very laid back approach gets results."

"You get 2 breaks so use them wisely. I would not recommend drinking energy drinks till the last break."

haha. perfect right?

I love my babe & know he will do his very best!


Ailinh Harris said...

haha great advice! Good luck to Scott! and good luck to you dealing with Scott as he preps for the big test. ;)

Brian and Jaclyn said...

HA. Brian is taking it in the next month or so. Too bad we didn't know. They could have studied together! Good luck :)