Thursday, March 18, 2010

Now I Know My ABC'S

So I pretty much go crazy if i don't have anything to do after homework {which is weird} I invent projects for myself, this being one of them. I decided to make an quiet/alphabet book for my future babies. This took me a few days to design and put all together. Scott helped me come up with the images to represent each letter because it was hard thinking of words all by myself as well as finding images with no backgrounds. Now I just need to print it all out, laminate and bind! Yahoooo!

The pages aren't really this little...they will be full sized pages.
This is just a zoomed out version/screen capture from illustrator!

& Here's a zoom of the front and back covers!
Fun huh?! I'm excited to see the final product!
P.S. Did I mention that I will be taking advanced visual media next semester. O YEAH! I can't wait! I just hope I can keep up with projects between that and my sewing class....and all the rest of the bazillion jillion classes that I will be taking. We shall see!


Morgan Grace said...


i want one!... well maybe in 5 years (or less hehe)

Shelly and Bryce Stanger said...

So are you making on for your favorite niece and nephew too???? Super cute!!