Wednesday, April 7, 2010

General Conference

So many of the talks seemed to focus on strengthening families
and teaching our children, staying close to the spirit
and leading out in righteousness.

I loved it.
Did you?

We had a totally fun conference weekend that we got to spend with both sides of our families. We stayed at Scott's Grandma and Grandpa Stenberg's in Ogden & got to attend the last session of conference in Salt Lake with my Aunt Kelee and Uncle Rob's fam + Jaime. (Shout out to Nellie who we ran into at the conference center!) It was an amazing experience to feel the spirit there and have our hearts and minds elevated to the things that matter most in life. I really wanted to pay close attention to the messages spoken at this conference that will guide us particularly during this time of decision and change in our lives. I took notes on a downloaded packet from the church's website that was supposed to be for the youth....but it worked just as well for me! hehe. I would definitely recommend it :)

I always feel more determined and motivated to live the gospel and improve my life after conference! It is great to be reminded that the Lord is on our side and that only through Him can we find true peace. The Lord's prophets and apostles truly know the messages that what we need to hear because they are the watchmen on the tower that can see beyond what we can. They know what we are up against in these challenging coming times and give us the council that we need to get through it with strength. It was a special experience to attend the last session of conference especially when the Mormon Tabernacle choir sang "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" on Easter Sunder in the midst of prophets and apostles. Words really could not express the feelings we had!

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Katie said...

I did indeed and noticed the same patterns as you! I was noticing you guys were/are considering Loma Linda University. We just moved from Redlands- we are 15 minutes away now- and we LOOOOOVED that place, still go there all the time. You guys would love it there, just so you know ( ;