Friday, April 9, 2010


Within less than one week of each other we received both Scott's MBA in Health Care acceptance letter to LLU & a very competitive job offer with Avery Dennison! We really thought this decision would be easier...that we would just get one acceptance or the other but we got BOTH. We felt so blessed to have two options and after praying and fasting and researching and pondering and praying some more we both came to the conclusion that accepting the job offer would be our best choice!
Here is Scott about to mail in his acceptance to Avery!

The job with Avery will start mid August & could take us any where from California, Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, Massachusetts to Indiana and beyond. We get to put in our location preferences next week so stay tuned! We would prefer to stay in the southwest but it would be a neat experience to go to the east (where we will probably go for at least one of the rotations.) We feel so blessed for the opportunities and adventures that lie ahead of us. Heavenly Father is really looking out for us in the littlest and biggest of ways! We were pretty set on going to grad school before Avery Dennison came along but the Lord really knows better than we do where we need to be. So Avery, here we come!!!

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