Saturday, August 21, 2010

Newport Beach

Scott got work off early on Friday so we decided to spend the rest of the day at the beach! This was the first time the two of us had ever been to Newport so it was fun to enjoy new scenery and see interesting people. haha! People watching is half the fun. The water was way freezing so we just decided to lay out, walk the pier, choose which beach houses would be ours and take fun pics! We ended the day with a trip to Innout and a lovely drive home. I am, or rather, we are loving living a 1/2 hour from the beach! & I am loving my new camera the rents got me for my graduation!!!!!!!


Carly Richardson said...

Oh my goodness. You lucky little thing! Your life is still charmed I see =)

Roper said...

We miss you guys too! How is CA treating you? Looks like your having fun! Isn't it great to be graduated!