Monday, August 23, 2010

A smorgasbord of sorts

Why yes I did make this salad for lunch the other day. No big. Actually, I'm a dork.

On the menu for tonight we have...

Roasted Carrots
Bacon Cheeseburger Chicken

(minus the bacon because we don't have any on hand)
Berry Smoothies

and a salad perhaps?
or simple toast?
or garlic bread?
or steamed rice?
or mashed potatoes?

These recipes sound totally delicious, quick and easy too! I'm excited to try them out! Thanks Kevin & Amanda ;)

Bon Appetite.

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Bonnie and Brian said...

Hey brittany and scott! this is a comment for like the past 6 posts... I'm just getting updated on everything today. I am so excited for you guys! On everything! It's fun to hear of your adventures. I just posted today of Los Alamos (sorry, no pics yet), but It's fun to be at this time of life, eh!? Love you guys. :)