Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not from around here

So last night we met our first neighbor (well by formal introduction at least) from across the way. Her name is Suzanne. She was quite friendly. This was the conversation that started it...

Me & Scott: Hi. How are you?
Suz: Hi, good. Uh, how are you? (seemingly flustered and surprised)
Scott: Good. Need help with that box?
Suz: Oh no I am fine. I am always carrying stuff like this. Where are you guys from?
Scott: Idaho.
Suz: I knew you guys weren't from around here. You are too nice.

Too funny right? She then preceded to tell us that she didn't mean that to be offensive or anything and we told her we took it as a complement and understood what she meant. We then told her we just graduated from BYU-Idaho and she said, "Isn't that in Utah?" haha. Well yes and no we said. All people ever hear is the BYU :].

Now every time we see her we share a warm smile and hello. There ARE nice people here...and actually we have met more nice people than not. Everyone has been super nice. We just love Brea and our new little home!

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Derek & Brittany said...

Haha! That's awesome way to be a friendly neighbor.