Friday, September 17, 2010

September Lovin

I should be eating lunch or packing for this weekend or taking a shower but no I am online looking at facebook pics and old blogs I wrote reminiscing of earlier days....and realizing there are things that I didn't blog because I thought they would be weird to share but now I look back and think the things that I DID share were weird. So I guess I better start including everything even if I think it is weird?!

Anyways....Here are the latest happenings of the Olsen fam...

At least from my side of the story....

-Dad's 49th bday and awesome cupcake toppers.
-Not wanting to "FEED THE WHOLE WORLD." haha, MOM!
-Playing pretend with Brin for 2 hours and because she was having so much fun she forgot to go to the bathroom in the bathroom! tehe
-Most magical Disneyland day with Ariel & my girls
-Newport Beach temple is gorgeous and amazing!
-Smallville evenings...somebody savvvvvve me.
-Talking like Lana Lang
-Tutti Frutti fro-yo dates with my love
-Reading inspiring, tear jerking blogs
-Finding a new hobby of folding towels into animal shapes like on a cruise ship! bored much?
-Meeting a new friend, a stray cat! She just hangs around our apartment and is the sweetest thing. I am now the cat lady! I named her Katniss! {hence the photo BELOW}
-Taking food pics and cat pics with my cam because I have no one else to take pics of
-Long days sitting on my bum except for the times I have dance parties with myself, clean the house, look for jobs online, get ready and sometimes do yoga
-Applying to 2 jobs so far...and just waiting and wishing and not really wanting to get a job but at the same time really wanting to get one.
-Fun phone calls from fams and friends
-Missing my clogging days
-Helping to plan wedding reception decorations with my mom for Deb Simper :)
-Loving Red Vines and chocolate milk...and the Hunger Games series!
-Made some aquas frescas...yum
-I have the sweetest, most wonderful and hardest working husband and best friend in the world. He is amazing for a bajillion reasons!
-& My 21st birthday is in 9 days people...9 DAYS!
-More business trips to Tj/Sd next week?! YES!

Meet my little companion during the day....Katniss! ahahaaa. We don't know where she came from but she is sweet and has been hanging around our apartment the last 4ish days! I gave her some water and lunch meat?! haha. She is much nicer than my parents cats who Scott drop kicked the last time were were there...but that is a different story.

P.S. Hide your kids hide your wife! You are SO reals! We gunna find you! {That Youtube vid kills me! hahaha.}


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Marissa said...

haha you make me laugh! Sounds like you have had an eventful month :) oh and I watchted that youtube video like ten times yesterday by myself and couldnt stop laughing..its great!