Tuesday, September 28, 2010

For my birthday

I have lots to post about my 21st birthday because it was way super fun and we did a lot of fun things throughout the last week! ONE thing I got to do for my birthday was get my hair highlighted. It was a little pricey but because I trusted Trang my hairdresser and she did it in less than an hour and because everyone like how it turned out...it was so worth it! I love it, though most people can't tell I did anything! [You can sort of tell in the previous posts/pics below] It's great though because it looks so natural. She gave me dark low lights and honey highlights and they just blend in great. I felt like such a girl getting my hair done...I like girl time and getting my head massaged. It just feel so great. Trang also remembers everything about me even though I haven't seen her in like 3 years. She even remembered doing my hair for homecoming when I was 16! She is awesome & hey it's always nice to be pampered for your bday! Thanks Scott for letting me get it done! Oh and thanks Bailey for going with me & taking this pic! :]

{Here I am looking ridiculous. haha}

Also for my birthday I opened fun presents & took my fam to a Pirates Dinner Adventure Show in Buena Park! So fun! Everyone got to participate in the show and it was a blast! The food wasn't half bad either! {The chicken was definitely better than the bbq pork tho I would say haha. just in case you decide you want to go there too!}

It was funny that I was looking forward to my 20th bday more than this one but I definitely felt special and loved non the less for my 21st!

Scott wrote me a super sweet poem that melted my heart and I just love all my fam & friends for thinking of me & wishing me hb & for the perfect gifts! My Nanny and Bompa gave us a black beauty of a car too! {That is for another post!} Man I feel so lucky!

Arrrrg Matey!

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Ailinh Harris said...

Ridiculous nothing! You're looking hawt! And I miss bubble tea. It is so yummers.

P.S. my word verification is: numme

kinda like "nummy" for all that food talk you posted on your blog. :)