Tuesday, September 28, 2010



I have seen and heard about Boba tea/smoothies but never tried them. My mom and I went out to lunch at this awesome and amazing Vietnamese place called Pho Fusion after canning some food storage at the cannery in San Diego and ventured to try some! If you like Vietnamese food and pho noodles, you have got to try this place. Plus it was packed full of people and that has to mean it is a good place!

It was super good and hilarious to drink. Hilarious because my mom kept calling the Boba, "Bubbas"! Every time she slurpped some up through the extra large straw she would say, "I just got some bubbas!" & "Whoa I just got like 3 bubbas in one slurp!" & one time she almost choked on some "Bubbas!" Oh and one time she called it a word I will not mention because I don't know how to spell it and also because it is a drug, the rolled up sort. haha My mom is pretty hilarious to hang out with. She says the most interesting things! haha. Love you mom!

So what is Boba you ask? Good question cuz I did not know either. They are tapioca balls, soft on the outside and chewy in the middle and sweet in the center! As you drink your creamy smoothie with whatever flavors you want...[I had mango & passion fruit flavors and my mom had pina-colada with mango...both were way good!] you just slurp up the tapioca balls from the bottom with your drink! It sounds weird and gross but it was really fun to drink and super yummy AND I want some more now! So if you haven't tried them because you were scared, you have no need to fear! They are delicious!

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Farrow Insights said...

Now I know just what I drank. We were really confused....but amazed. We will have to do it again.