Monday, October 11, 2010

Girl's Trip to Arizona

This was such a fun trip full of good talks, advice, lots of laughing, shoppinggggg, general conference watching, eating yummy food, singing, cupcake eating taking hours getting ready with my sisters in the morning, waking up to grandma's cooking and looooong car rides in the desert! We even all got along until the last 10 minutes of the trip! haha. It was so fun visiting and staying with my grandparents who I haven't seen in like 2 years {almost}! I love them so much! It was also so much fun hanging out with my Aunt Kelee whom I adore and getting to see all my cousins who are growing like weeds! Thanks everyone for such a fun trip and good Arizona memories!!!

SOME funny things that happened...
-Brooke telling everyone the cookies and cupcakes were FREE at Poppy's Home Decor and showing them where and how to get the FREE drinks!
-Mom getting a 10 minute massage at Poppy's!
-Helping Brinley sound out works like crap and poop hhaha
-Brinley drawing pictures and taking notes during General Conference...she drew satan looking like an evil monster and drew an X through it and then drew HF with a beard and robe and a heart around him haha it was awesome!
-Mom saying "parent trap" instead of "child's lock" in the car!
-Going to the men's bathroom as quick as I could because the women's was closed for cleaning
-Brooke getting nervous because a boy was coming to dinner
-Brinley saying blowing my nose was disgusting...every time
-Hmmm so much more...but these are all the things I can think of for now!

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Carly said...

I am all caught up on your cute life and I miss your cute self!