Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jo Totes

I really would like to get one of these cute camera bags from JO TOTES. The one I have now is just all professional looking and doesn't fit much ya know...These are cute and functional and I wouldn't mind taking this along with me anywhere. Right now I think twice about bringing my camera bag because then I have to take two bags with me where ever I go. With these bags you just need one bag to fit all your purse things and your camera! That is what I am taking about. No one would ever really know it was a camera bag in the first place!

Now I just don't know what color to get?!?!


or Pewter?!

Or any of the other super cute colors! There are so many to choose from. I would get the classic BLACK but it is all sold out! I am leaning to the brown, butttt I don't know. What to do, what to doooo?!???? Which one should I choose!?

I ended up getting this one^^^^ & I L.O.V.E it...The size and spaciousness and how it just holds everything and how chic and stylish it is!!!! It is perfect!


chellyyy said...

danggg THESE are SOO CUTE love it! xoxo Michelle

Alyssa Brooke said...

oThese bags are amazing. I carried one all over London and back. <3 you should get it in like red or teal or some other fun color that will be cute in any season.

Beth said...

I love those! I would totally go for sugarplum.