Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kings vs. Hurricanes

The Staples Center was packed with people!

Kings vs. Hurricanes!

Just watching the game!

Our fun friends, Jason & Geri!!!

Zambonis {covered in AVERY products btw} smoothin out the ice

YAY we won! 4 to 3!

Scott won 4 VIP tickets to the KINGS game in LA from work! We had a blast taking some friends and enjoying the game! We never knew hockey fans were so fun and lively. Every time the Kings scored, seriously everyone was on their feet cheering and screaming! The game was super fast paced and it was even fun to watch the intense fights and slamming into the sides! haha. It was neat to be able to drive to LA in a half hour! We will have to go back again soon for some more fun adventures!


Alyssa Brooke said...

That sounds so fun! You guys are local orange county folk now youre kinda obligated to be ducks fans.quack quack quack!!! <3 Hope you had fun!

Devin said...

I didn't know you knew Jason. That is so much fun. He and I served our missions together. Small world when you're a Mormon.

Elisa Ruiz said...

my boyfriend is a huge King's fan and therefore I became one too and the games are SO fun!!!! We go at least every other week =]