Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I love food

So I was really craving olives today and not just olives but olives with other amazing Mediterranean-esque foods...So I asked Scott if we could go to the OLIVE PIT for dinner tonight and he said, "Of course!" Man did that make my day. {If I could, I would spend all my money on good food.} I seriously love me some good eats....and I am pretty sure my husband knows that.

In fact, I feel like he knows more about me than I do about myself. He is pretty good about predicting my next move or reaction to things. It is pretty funny but neat at the same time ya know?! It is actually quite impressive like tonight when I went to go save the table and Scott got our waters....I was patiently waiting and was about to flag him down to remind him to put a lemon in my drink but he was already on his way back with a beautiful little yellow lemon slice in my cup! Now that is love people. He just knows me so well and I love that he knows me and that I know him and what he likes and dislikes and what will make him laugh...You know when you just know what your best friend is thinking or going to say next? Yep. Pretty awesome I guess.

So the Olive Pit is a pretty tasty place and I would give it 5 out of 5 stars for excellency in taste and service and extreme awesomeness! Tonight I had a flat iron steak, roasted vegetables, pita with this amazing pesto and a Mediterranean salad! So good! {Can you tell I am feeling better?? Smells aren't bothering me so much anymore {{I even got brave and sprayed on some smell good body mist}} and I feel like I can eat anything now! It is great!} After dinner we went to Ross and hit up some pretty good deals and did a little Christmas shopping too! I just love that place!

I love my husband and I love food and I love where food comes from and who is the creator of food. I also am loving this week and can't wait for this weekend to party it up with my familia, Thanksgiving style!!! Also, my Grandma Moon is the best chef in the entire world and I can't wait to eat her sweet potatoes with melted marshmellows on top!

Have a happy and delicious THANKSGIVING everyone!


chellyyy said...

a man that puts your lemon in your water with out asking is definatly a keeper. and I LOVE food. hoorray for celebration a wonderful holiday with LOTS of it. xoxo

ailinh harris said...

That place sounds so yum. And glad to know you're not feeling so sick anymore. Hope you and Scott have a happy Thanksgiving! I'm sure that baby will be a twirling after all the good eats this week. ;)