Friday, November 5, 2010

S'more Halloween Fun

Picture 12
This year we went with some easy peesy, fun & yummy S'MORES costumes!

& then we went into the "double dare scare parlor" at our ward's trunk or treat and held a 7 foot boa around our necks!!! It was fun for a sec and then.....

...I was done feeling the slithering tail on my arm! We felt like it was going to strangle us any minute but I guess it was a pretty nice snake and didn't! Thank goodness we are still alive today to tell this tale.

This was our addition to the "double dare scare parlor" {being members of the activities committee and all} it was a touch and feel witch's brew complete with witches fingers, hearts of toads, worms, intenstines, eyeballs and the like! haha. It was pretty gross but there were a few brave souls that reached in! All in all it was a fun filled spooky Halloween. Perfect!

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Roper said...

your costumes are adorable!