Thursday, March 17, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We survived a month away and oh how lovely it has been to be back home. It has seriously felt so so good to be home! Our small apartment never felt so spacious & I can't get enough of this sunshiney weather! Scott has been enjoying getting back to his regular routine at work and I have surprisingly been busy busy busy which is usually not the norm. I blame it on my nesting instincts! I have been non stop organizing, cleaning, cooking and buying stuff for this baby boy ever since we got back. So funny right?!

I had my 27 week appointment today and am measuring 27 inches, meaning that baby boy is roughly 2 1/2 pounds. Doctor says he will probably be an 8 pound baby! Whoa! I got to hear his little heartbeat just like always but this time asked if I could record it so I could bring it home for Scott to hear too!

Isn't that the sweetest sound? I love it. 
Oh and that is Dr. Gray. He is pretty cool too. 

I also took the Glucose Tolerance Test today and was a wee bit nervous for it because all I have heard about it is that the drink tastes nasty and makes you feel sick...Well to my surprise and delight I had quite the opposite experience!!! I had a normal breakfast in the morning before my dr. appointment (fried egg, toast with peanut butter & small glass of milk) and scarfed down lunch (half a pastrami sandwich and some rasins) a half hour before I went into the lab, so I was already feeling good. Once I got there I downed the orange soda like drink in a minute flat and secretly wanted another. It was pretty darn tasty! Then I got to sit in this cute little room with a comfy recliner and watch Anne Burrell on the Food Network. I love her! Then after an hour they came and got me to go take my blood and I think I was actually smiling when she poked me. It was a lovely experience let me tell you! I just hope to hear the actual test results are just as lovely. The doc says no news is good news, so we will see!

We also got to go to this Maternity Open House thingy last night and they explained the whole process from labor to delivery to hospital stay to discharge. Our eyes where open wide the whole time..."Is this real life? Is this really happening?" Haha. Well not just yet but soon! 2.5 months to be exact! Crazy that in just 12 short weeks our new little addition will be here.

What was also pretty cool was that we won a free DVD in the raffle. The lady was telling me how great it was and I said, "Yea yea I've already read the book and seen this DVD in my infant/child class. I wanted the Boppy Pillow!" Haha. No I didn't say exactly that. It is actually a really neat DVD. It is about Dr. Karp's Happiest Baby on the Block...which explains the 5 S's and how to soothe your baby. Interesting stuff! I'm exited to watch it again and for Scott to watch it with me. Anyways...after all that fun we skipped off to Ross and bought Scott some new shoes and shirts, test drove some strollers at Babies R Us and ended the night with some Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt and a sweet game of Jenga. Life is good! 

& here's my  27 week belly pic...


Carly said...

I'm happy you are home, too! I am oddly relieved for you. Haha. I'm so weird. I have heard good and bad reviews about that orange drink, too. I'm happy it was a good experience for you =)

So I just realized that I never apologized for not seeing you when we were at Disneyland in December. It was raining so much that our focus was on having the best time we could even though we were freezing and pruney. Ha. I didn't remember we were supposed to meet you until our drive home and was too embarrassed to call and now...three months get the rest. I'm assuming you were busy with family and Christmas and were not as offended as I thought you were in my head, but I still feel pretty dumb. Haha. So, forgive me?

chellyyy said...

lady your tummy is getting sooo BIG! congrats. now that your home we will have to have a little chelly and brit date. LOVE you tons!

Darby Arby and the Green Tie Guy said...

you're just probably the cutest pregnant woman i've ever seen! You're darling, Brittany! I'm so happy for you!

Spenser.Michaela.Aria said...

Isn't it the most amazing thing listening to the little pitter-patter of their heart. :) I am so excited for you! P.S. I love, love, LOVE your blog. Very fun to read!

Tonya said...

You look adorable and I'm sure it's so nice to be back home and nesting! I take my Glucose test next week (when we find out what we're having!!) so I'm glad to hear the drink isn't too bad...although my doctor's drink could be nasty!
P.S. I'm so glad you posted that video of the heartbeat. Adam had to miss our last appointment, so he still hasn't heard the heartbeat- I played yours for him so he'd know what it sounds like!

Shelly and Bryce Stanger said...

Just so you know they always told me my babies were going to be 7-8 lbs and they were both under 7 lbs and 5 days over!