Monday, February 14, 2011

Greetings from Massachusetts


YAYY We made it to Chicopee, MA!

Do you see it up there on the map??
It's kinda to the right of the skiier in the south/western part...
it's like trying to find Waldo I know.

This map makes MA look pretty big but really it is a fairly small state.
Probably like 100+ Massachusetts could fit on top of 1 California sized state. Just saying...Guess it makes getting around a lot quicker eh?


Our view flying over Atlanta, Georgia on our way to Hartford, Connecticut!

Our trip began with a 4 hour delayed flight, a barf bag or two, missing luggage & some intense pedestrian crossing to Applebee's at 10 at night...but that is in the past and really other than that I gotta say it has been great! Scott was such a sweetie and took such good care of me, wheeling around my heavy luggage and making sure I was always comfortable. I basically felt like I went through a blender yesterday and felt so queeeezy the whole day. The take offs and landings were the worst....Totally wasn't expected that at all. Usually I am fine on flights! (Must be the little babe in tow) I was never so happy to be on land in my life after yesterday and I am so so grateful to my husband for everything and I am just so dang glad we finally made it! Whew! It was definitely a long day but everything worked out in the end. We are here and all our things are here and Scott is off at his training now and I am just blogging from my little desk in my little hotel room accompanied by little kicks to my belly. Life is good!


So basically this is the view from our hotel room.

There is really more to this little city than we thought. There is a Walmart, Marshalls, Dollar Store and even a Home Depot across the street (in case you forgot some tools or felt like building something) as well as a Starbucks, Panera, Subway, Papa Gingo's Pizzeria, Applebee's, a Ninety Nine (which is like their Outback Steak House here), a little local Ice Cream place called Friendly's, and a Polynesian food place called the Hu Ke Lau that we heard does shows on the weekends (Maybe it will make us feel like we are in Hawaii?? We will let you know) Plus there's a few more random stores like Sally's Beauty Supply and Game Stop and more. Really we thought it was going to be a hotel in the middle of nowhere so we were surprisingly surprised!


The Hotel has been great. The front desk already memorized our names and even had a bag of snacks and water with a note attached to Mr. Olsen as well as complimentary toiletries (Because our major luggage hadn't come yet) to welcome us when we arrived!


I am also happy to report that the free breakfast buffet in the morning is pretty fabulous and the lady in the kitchen is super sweet. I don't quite know what I am going to do about lunch and dinner yet because crossing the street to all those wonderful a for mentioned places seems too scary/impossible to do alone without my trusty husband in hand because there are no cross walks in sight. It doesn't help that I think it is a highway/entrance to a major turn pike and there is a lot of snow on the ground....So hopefully we can figure that one out soon but don't worry I stocked up on fruit and muffins and cereal and bagels and other snacks at breakfast!

For now this is our "kitchen"


& this is our bathroom...


& comfy, fluffy white bed that I don't have to make! (Make that 2 fluffy white beds. We got a room with 2 Queens for cheaper.)


What more do you need??

P.S. Never so happy to see this make it to our hotel room...


Good thing we condensed BOTH of our clothes into one suitcase & 2 carry on's so we didn't have to worry about TWO big suitcases getting lost!

...Now off to unpack and iron Scott's shirts and then I think I will take a nap! Stay tuned for more. Yes, I am bringing you along on our month long journey in NEW ENGLAND! Yippee!

Oh and P.P.S. There is a 3 hour time difference (in case you wanted to know) & I think I am adjusting quite well...not like that is a huge deal or anything. haha.

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Carly said...

First of all, you are so cute.
Second, I am sorry about the motion sickness. I can say I understand that now. =)
Third, Enjoy the alone time. It will be gone forever in June!
And finally, thank you for introducing me to that lady's blog. It was very precious and you were correct- it's right up my ally. =)