Monday, March 21, 2011

I Heart Stripes!

Exhibit A: My side of the closet

Exhibit B: Baby's side of the closet
Notice any similarities?? Hmm...maybe the fact that half of the clothes I have purchased so far for baby Camden are STRIPED & the fact that the last few shirts I have purchased for myself have STRIPES! Now this might have been planned but really I do assure you that it was all very accidental! Quite the coincidence no?  I just noticed this the other night and had to take a pic! Funny how things like that happen! I guess I am just loving stripes right now...I better slow down before this kid has all striped clothing!

Shopping for baby things is too much fun! I seriously have to take out half the stuff in my cart before going to the check out because everything is just too cute I want to buy it all! Haha! So far I have bought him a few cute church outfits, awesomely handsome summer outfits as well as some cuddly sleepers and onesies! I also bought one blanket to match his crib bedding and some touch and feel baby books that were just so colorful and fun not to buy...See what I told you...too much fun! 

I just recently finished registering at Target & Babies R Us which took me forever and a half because there are so many choices...but it was really fun too! {So go checkout my registries!} We also just bought our first stock of diapers!! {Via Amazon Mom & Target} I have felt weird buying them until that people can actually tell why I am buying the diapers! Haha! It is just so much fun preparing for this baby to get here! I need to stop buying stuff though because I'm sure I will get some fun/good/needful things at my showers! :)

All this preparing just makes me so excited for his arrival! I just can't wait to hold my baby in my arms instead of in my belly! I am getting a little weary of this being pregnant thing but this week I will be entering into the 3RD TRIMESTER! Holy Cow...when did this happen?! It really is coming fast so in the mean time I am definitely enjoying this time and the time I have to spend solo with my hubs! He is so good to me and we have so much fun together. I just know he is going to be the most loving and helpful and greatest dad there ever was! He is just as excited as I am for our baby to get here & I can't wait to see him with our babe! 

This was the first outfit we bought for our lil one right after we found out we were having a boy...I just love the little footsies and doggie on the bum. Too cute! I can't wait to see him actually in all his outfits! Can't wait!

86 Days til baby's due date!!!

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Darby Arby and the Green Tie Guy said...

Oh brittany! i love your blog! Your darling & i cant wait to see what your little guy looks like!