Thursday, March 31, 2011

Once Upon a Springtime

 What have we been up to lately? Crazy fun stuff is what we have been up to! We seriously feel so blessed. First of all...thanks to Scott's work we were able to stay at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort and Spa in Dana Point last week! It was so nice and relaxing! They treated us like royalty! No way could we ever afford to stay here ourselves so it was nice to enjoy it while we could...especially while it is still just the 2 of us! My breakfast of just an OJ, bagel and fresh pineapple was a whole 30 bucks! Haha! I was able to drive down to visit my familia while Scott attended seminars and presentations and even golfed the last day!

 I love my family! They were able to see our babe in 4D along with us! He is so very loved already! I'm so glad everyone enjoyed the experience and that we got some really good views of his sweet face and how he is all positioned in there! We can't wait to meet this little guy in person!

Scott has been wanting to get a bike to ride to work for a while now. Since we don't live very far from his work this will save on gas money and be some great exercise! He found a great deal last weekend and brought home this baby! Her name is from Boy Meets World! Haha! 

So many fun birthdays were celebrated in our family this month! It was Brinley's 6th birthday so my Mom kidnapped Brin from school and took her to Disneyland! We had a blast getting her all done up at the Bibbidi Bobbi Boutique. She was transformed into a beautiful princess right before our eyes! She loved every minute & kept saying what a happy day she was having!

...Some people may think that our life here in California is just a party, well it isn't. We have great times when people visit and with Scott's work and our family we get to experience and see the sites but then really it is just a normal life with nice weather and really expensive rent. So don't be jealous on the freezing gray blah days. Life is what you make of it and happiness is where you want to find it really. I have the same amount of blah days here as I did in Idaho. So really don't envy, just come visit so we have an excuse to go out and play!

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Tonya said...

Scott's work rocks! ...And so does that bike