Thursday, April 7, 2011

30 Weeks

Feeling really pregnant right about now. Baby is getting heavy for my little bod and I am beginning to settle into that 3rd trimester exhaustion thing. He is also bouncing off the womb walls 24/7. I don't know if this is a precursor for times to come, meaning that he is going to be a busy little guy, or if that is just how every baby is in the womb....but man, this boy can kick!

This past weekend was nice to listen to general conference at my parents...especially with little kicks tickling my belly when the prophet was speaking. It was kind of surreal to think at the last few general conferences I was thinking and preparing spiritually for becoming a mom and now it is really happening! {Elder Scott's talk on the Eternal Blessings of Marriage was my fave this conference. He sure loves his wife. I think I bawled through the whole thing!} I did a little sun tanning between sessions on Saturday but don't worry I used spf 45. Haha. I am not risking a burn during way! Anyways, it was nice to be out in the sun and get some Vitamin D!

The last few days I've gotten really crafty and completed 6 baby projects! Yeah really...6! I usually get 2 done in that time so I was pretty excited! I sewed some towel bibs and more burp cloths. The towel bibs were super easy and I basically just came up with my own way to make them. I seriously finished the neck part in less than 5 mins with the help of some of Scott's old Tshirts! {Scott even had to try them on when he got home....and I mean he tried on the bib, not the old tshirt! Haha!} Now that is my kind of craft! I think they turned out pretty cute.

We also purchased a pack n play, stroller and carseat this week! We spent less than $300 on everything....Including a swing that I purchased a few months ago that was $20 at this little thrift store! I'd say we scored. I can't wait to use everything. We already set everything up...of course I had to right?! So that was really fun. It is weird/awesome to see his little bed in our room next to our bed and imagine him in it! So excited! Just 10 more weeks...yayy...although that feels like forever to me! June 15th here we come!


Carly said...

Where did you get your bathing suit!? I've been looking for one and I'm just not in love with anything, but that baby is CUTE. As are you and your crafts =)

Cait said...

Cute prego pic! I am getting excited for my baby too. Its funny because people will say that you look teeny and you feel like a whale. Good luck with your last 2 months! You'll only get bigger! =)

Bonnie and Brian said...

I laughed when you said you had to set everything up once you got it- I think I set up our crib 4 months early! (and yes, i did it by my pregnant self because brian refused to do it that early... no problem though! It was very exciting and fulfilling- i can imagine how you feel!) Also, when you mentioned what it feels like to have the pack-n-play set up beside the bed, I remembered how I felt the night we went to the hospital with Avery and taking a good look at the crib before we left, thinking, "wow, the next time I come back to this room, I'll have a baby to fill that crib!! whoa! We're so excited for you!