Wednesday, April 20, 2011

32 Weeks

32 weeks

I feel like I can't stretch out any farther but everyone keeps telling me that my belly is going to get bigger....and now I am sort of believing them. I really am feeling my baby grow more and more each day and he seriously has the moves to prove it!

There is something pretty surreal about watching a tiny foot move across my belly and something pretty uncomfortable about getting jabbed by a baby elbow in the dead of night! It really is neat to watch him move all around and see my belly get all wonky like never gets old. We can hardly wait to meet this little kickboxer! 

I might also add that I have been feeling dog tired and quite out of breath these days, started feeling some BH a few every day and bending over is a lot harder than it used to be too. I even feel a bit unbalanced with the bowling ball that is in the way :) Seriously sometimes if I drop something I don't bother picking it up until there are other things to pick up off the floor in the same area...haha. I feel great most of the time though and can do most things...Sometimes I have to remind myself that  I am 8 months pregnant, although all I can think about is baby baby baby!

I can't believe there are only 8 weeks left til baby Olsen is here! Every day it becomes more and more real that this is actually happening! No going back now either...D day is coming! YAYY! A lot of big changes are coming our way and we are kind of terrified but way more excited than anything!

Another seriously cool thing is that a friend got me a ticket to the Ellen DeGeneres Show taping on May 5th in Burbank. The whole audience is 1st time expecting mothers! Last year they gave each member of the audience 3k worth of baby stuff. I'm just a little bit excited! Seriously such an incredible opportunity! It is going to be awesome!


Carly said...

Ah, I have so much to look forward to. And I mean that. And I am SO JEALOUS and happy for you and the Ellen Show!!! Let me know when it airs and I shall try and find you and your belly dancing in the audience!

Chelsea said...

Britt we are so excited for you guys! You and Scott are going to be the best parents! I am slightly jealous that you get to go on Ellen! That is awesome! Enjoy being a mommy and certainly embrace the newborn stage because they grow up way too fast!