Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oside Beach Bonfire

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We had a fun little mini family reunion with the Pliler and Farrow families this past weekend during everyone's Spring Break. It brought back a lot of fun memories growing up when we would have bonfires during the summers with all our cousins. We had a blast singing by the fire, reminiscing and telling funny stories, roasting marshmallows, peeps and hotdogs, eating pasta salad and taking lots of fun pics! 

Funny/awesome stories...

I wore one of Scott's sweatshirts because mine no longer fit. My Dad almost asked me why I had a basketball under my sweatshirt and then remembered, "Oh yeah your preggo!" Hahaha. Oh Faja! 

It was great seeing Nanny and Bompa taking jumping pics. 

I also learned of a few stories about my Mom and Dad that I have never heard how just recently my Mom in an angry mother bear rage slipped and fell in the middle of a field hockey game on the way to tell another mother her daughter's language was so foul it was causing my sister an asthma/anxiety attack.We were laughing pretty hard a few times! Sorry Mom.

Another great story was hearing about how my cousin Garret followed a guy in his car and pulled over to tell him he needed to stop hitting his child and that there are other ways to deal with anger. Pretty courageous.

Seriously when I really think about it, how I feel about spending time with family is a lot like the constant crashing of the waves upon the seashore. The shore never tires of the ocean's waves washing up and down the seashore because the shore only gets more polished, more beautiful and more renewed each and every time. Each and every time I get to see and spend time with my family that is how I feel. Even if it is just a simple conversation through Skype or a phone call, I can feel of my family's love and support and it simply washes away my troubles and gives me added meaning and strength to go about my days. 

I am so grateful for the blessings and knowledge of eternal families, that we can be together forever! As my Bompa always says, "Family is heaven on earth." 

It truly is awesome to enjoy a fun evening at the beach with family, especially since you hardly have to spend any money to do so! Besides bringing some foodies and paying for a parking space it is a pretty free done deal! I can't wait to have another summer bonfire soon! I love living close to the beach!  

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Bonnie and Brian said...

Funny/neat stories. Avery points to the picture of you and says "mommy!" I don't know if that means she thought you were me or if she knows you're a mommy. Either way, it was cute. She points to scott and says "scott." nice post!