Friday, April 8, 2011

Baby Dreams

So last night while in a deep slumber I had the most vivid, wonderfully terrible dream, aka nightmare! I just had to write it down because it was so crazy.

I was hanging out with my Mom and sisters in my old room just talking when all of a sudden baby's hand punches my belly and I can actually see his hand and tiny fingers protruding out a few inches! I've had at least 5 dreams where this has happened but this time when I grabbed ahold of his hand, magically all of a sudden a beautiful clean baby came out of me through my belly, no pain involved. I just pulled him right up and out of me! He looked just like Scott! I yelled to Scott and my Dad to come see. I couldn't stop kissing my sweet brand new baby. It was incredible to see and hold him and touch his soft dark hair and look into his dark blue eyes!

Then all of a sudden within a few minutes he started shrinking into what looked like a tiny plastic toy baby and then I remembered he wasn't fully developed yet and we needed to get him back into my womb, pronto! I started yelling and panicking and grabbed the phone to call my doctor but he wasn't there and so I had to talk to this lady who didn't know anything. I asked her how I could save my baby and she said, "Sorry this is the end. I can't do anything for you. We can't get him back in your womb." So I started yelling at her and she didn't say a thing. I kept yelling, "I want to speak with Dr. Gray! He can sustain my baby! There's technology to do that kind of stuff you know! I want to speak with Dr. Gray!!!!" I woke up crying real tears and then started reassuring myself  that it was only a dream, only a dream...but it still felt so real!

So now that I was awake and back to real life, sort of, I put my hands on my belly so I could feel him kick and know he was okay. Of course he was up and kicking at 4 in the morning! Normally I would not want him to kick so much while I was trying to sleep but this time it was a sweet relief! It was a really terrible, awful dream but it was also fun to see and hold him and give him lots of kisses...That part was fun! I can't wait to do that in real life!

Pregnancy dreams are just crazy!

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Ailinh said...

Oh that is some crazy dreams! I wonder why pregnancy dreams are so much more vivid than any other dreams pre-pregnancy? After I had my boys, my dreams have never been so alive! It's such a weird thing. Hmmm... Oh, and that'd be so cool if the baby did just simply come outta your belly with no pain. And stayed that way instead of shrinking... ;)