Sunday, May 1, 2011

Golden Years

Scott and I are so lucky to have such wonderful grandparents! All 3 sets of our living grandparents have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversaries within the last few years and each partnership is a supreme example of great love and devotion to us. We are so inspired by their love. It gives us something to really live up to! It seems 50 year anniversaries are especially rare these days so a half century of marriage truly deserves commemoration!

I recently came across a really neat quote about Marriage and love...

“Few things are more beautiful than a couple in love. Whether newly married or celebrating a golden anniversary, couples who keep love alive, who endure the ups and downs of life together, deserve our admiration. We may consider them lucky, but they will tell you that it's not luck that keeps them in love. It's choosing to stay in love, all along the way. They have come to know that love is a behavior, a series of actions and choices.”

& that is the truth... 

...This quote reminds me of our beloved grandparents and the awesome legacy they have laid before us to follow.

Just last weekend we were able to celebrate my Grandpa and Grandma Moon's 50th with an amazing dinner, talent show in their honor, 2 truths and a lie trivia game and a video presentation spanning their life achievements and adventures. It was a wonderful time! I love my grandparents so much! Here are some of my favorite priceless photos we were able to use in the video...Aren't they precious!??


 Love the hair.
Grandpa with my Uncle Rob & my cute Mom...she looks just like Brinley here!

Baby Brittany...ME on my blessing day...

Almost a year old...

6 years old...

 {I will spare you the awkward teenage photos with my grandparents...}

& at our wedding!

Love you Grandpa and Grandma Moon! 
Thank so much for your wonderful support and never ending love & example 

and we know you are going to be just the greatest great grandparents to our baby! How lucky is he going to be to have all these wonderful people in his life?! :)

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geri e. said...

Holy Moly! Your grandma is a super model!!!! Congrats to them both! :)

p.s. I am in LOVE with all these old photos. beautiful.