Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pretty Things

 So you might not think toilet paper rolls are very pretty but I will admit I have been hoarding them in order to save up a collection to make some wonderful things out of this fancy dancy wreath! 

Scott has been poking fun of me for my growing stash in the bathroom but he was quite impressed when he saw what I could do with them. I have lots of other ideas up my sleeves too because well, this wreath only took up about 5 rolls and I have tons more to use up! 

Haha...Let's face it, I have been going through lots of TP lately on a count of having to go like every 10 mintues so might as well transform them into something new and awesome right?! So for now this little pretty wreath is just hanging in the kitchen but soon it might find itself with a fresh coat of spray paint in a fun color in another room?! But i sort of like it this natural color...

Hmm...Oh the possibilities!

So what else could we do with these babies...

Well this next little "craft" might seem a little elementary but I saw some cute little birdies in the yard yesterday morning and decided they needed a little snack. I knew TP rolls would do the trick....Brought me back to my kindergarden days where I first made one of these bird feeders! I simply slathered on some peanut butter and sprinkled on some granola and other seeds I had in my spice rack and hung it up outside with a little string! Too funny! This would be a fun one to do with little kiddos.

Seriously if you get a hankering to make some empty toilet paper roll crafts there are plenty of ideas out there. Don't just take my word for it! Just check some of these out! Simply Google: Toilet paper roll wreath, wall hanging, flowers...whatever, and you can find a lot of fun transformational ideas for something you already have around the house. (Well at least I am hoping you have some around!)

 It was fun playing around with a different medium yesterday & pretty sure I made lots of glue gun cob web messes! Hope you have enjoyed my little tour of TP roll crafts!


Spenser.Michaela.Aria said...

Where in the world did you find these crafty things to do? I love them! We have a bajillion of these rolls and I am lookin for a good project to do. You've inspired me :)

Melissa Taylor Photography said...

So great!!! Last time I totally created instead of nesting, and never knew I knew how to make some of these things, haha. Very cool idea. I may steal it ;)

Carly said...

That is TOO funny! I never would've have inspired me.