Friday, May 20, 2011

36 Weeks + Baby Shower

So I was pretty proud to say I painted my own toenails this week! I'd say it was worth it even though I practically passed out while doing it. This will definitely be the last time I will be doing that myself before the baby gets here. Lol! 

Here is his cute little head/profile in the 36 week ultrasound. In real time we could see him snacking on something and sticking out his tongue. So cute! 

You can't see it very well but this is showing his little foot at the top. He pretty much filled up the whole ultrasound screen he is just getting so big. 

Here are his 36 week stats...

Weight: 5 lbs 11 oz

Head circumference: 32 cm

Fluid levels: 11 cm

Position: Head down, facing out

Gender: Still a boy! {He is not a shy one}

Belly pic 36 weeks!  

 A couple ladies from church were just the sweetest things and threw a baby shower for me! 

Yummy cupcakes! Loved the mint frosting! 

MMMmmm berries! My fav!

 Just giving me some great mothering advice! 

 Brin was my little sidekick all evening! 

 Such a ham!

The lovely guests! 

 So glad my mom, sisters and grandma could come.

 Getting ready to open some baby gifts in ma rockin churr! 

 Love these name blocks! 

 Cute little swim suit! 

 Some sweet onesises...

& cute pants to match...

 ...this boy is going to be all set!

Thank you everyone for the great gifts and simply for coming...It was such a fun time! I was totally pooped by the end of the night :)

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Ina and Tyler Reed said...

Brittany you look so so cute. Hope everything goes well during birth. you're gonna have the cutest baby ever :)