Friday, May 6, 2011

Ellen's Mother's Day Show!

...Was a dream come true! Seriously I had the most amazing time going with some very lovely ladies and were given the most amazing baby shower gifts! 

{Shout out to Anna for getting me a ticket! Thanks so much girl!}

It was Ellen's biggest mother's day giveaway yet! We went away with $6,500 worth of stuff and YES we were completely freaking out! Every new gift announcement brought chills to my spine. We were practically crying when Ellen announced she was giving us each brand new washer and dryers from Whirlpool....Totally were not expecting that. Oh we also got to see Kate Hudson who is expecting her 2nd child. She was super cute. I just love her! Romeo and Chelsie Hightower from Dancing with the Stars were guests as well...

It all was so overwhelming and exciting and now today I am totally tuckered out with a sore back and hips from dancing it out with Ellen and 300 other pregos every second of the show. We seriously were either standing and cheering or up and dancing way more than we were ever in our seats! 

Thanks again Ellen for the great gifts! We are so excited to use ALL our great new baby gear...Now all we need is our little guy to be here!  

 We started out the day with lunch at the original, oldest remaining Bob's Big Boy in LA! 

 Look at all those prego bellies! We are all about to pop! 

 Arriving at the Warner Bros. Studios! So excited! 

 Pics from the show that I yanked from Ellen's Facebook page. I just happen to be looking directly at the camera! Haha & Stephanie is on my left & I think you can maybe see Anna on my right?!

We are somewhere back there in the audience. I think you can see Julia's hands in the air! The perk about being in the last row was that we were the first to get to leave to pick up our still took 2 hours!!!

 After the show with our gift bags...Then it was on to pick up our big ticket items! The 2 hour wait in that steamy hot parking garage was SO worth it! Anna and I made it fun...We even had enough time to rock out to our Rockabye Baby lullaby renditions of Kayne West! Haha! 

 So stoked about the 6 month supply of diapers!
{& 6 month supply of Plum Organics baby food! Yay!}

Just some of the great stuff we got....pretty much takes up our whole living room. Where in the world are we going to store all this??! :)

...If you missed the show you can see video clips of all the giveaways HERE and HERE

You can even enter for a chance to win all the giveaways 
from the show on Ellen's website!  


Spenser.Michaela.Aria said...

NO WAY! You went to that? I so watched that today and thought to myself, how cool would it be to go to an Ellen show! Haha hope you had a blast! P.S. Did you go to the bathroom? Random, I know, but that place had the hook ups haha

brittany+scott said...

HAHA I actually never went to the bathroom DURING the show...only before and after. LOL I didn't want to miss the giveaways!!!! :)

Charlene Antczak said...

SERIOUSLY? AHHH NO WAY!! so jealous!!

Tonya said...

OMG I wish I'd known about this I totally would've tried to get a ticket!!! That seriously rocks!

Beth said...

Holy crap! You are so lucky, and I'm so going to that show next year if I'm pregnant!

chellyyy said...

Brit that's sooo neat. even tho i don't have a baby i'm totally jealous.

Tisha said...

That is so awesome!!