Wednesday, May 11, 2011

La Vie En Rose

Scott and I went on a fun & romantic date Friday night to celebrate just the two of us before baby gets here! He planned it all himself... 

We ate at La vie en Rose. A totally adorable and quaint French place right in the midst of our very own Brea. 

The service was great...They wouldn't let our water glasses get the least bit empty and the plating was so fun and colorful. 

Caesar Salad

It was definitely super yummy too! The meal was practically free with some giftcards, which is always a plus!

Atlantic Salmon & Veggies
 We had a very nice weekend....even did a little car shopping. It was just fun to look and walk around the lots. We even test drove a Kia Borrego that the sales guy tried selling to us for 12K more than what it is worth....he was quite the character. Pays to do your car homework! Pretty sure we won't be going back to that guy!

We even drove down Sunday to have dinner with my fam and celebrate Mother's Day with my Mommy. I stayed til Tuesday to see Blake and Brooke perform in their show choir's annual Pop's Concert. They both were so fun to watch! Super talented kiddos. Brought back some fun memories of when I was in their place and crazy that Blake is already a Senior?! 

...Baby Camden was really grooving to the loud music. Seriously every time the music got loud he would move around like he just got woken up. Too cute! 

My Mom and Brin brought me back home and even came to my 35 week doctors appointment yesterday! 

All in all it was a pretty happening, fun weekend! Now just counting down the days til our little guy is with us...not very much longer to go. We are on the home stretch with 5 more weeks to goooo! :)

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geri e. said...

I have been wondering about that little La Vie En Rose..... looks darling!!! and almost free is always super fantastic.