Tuesday, June 14, 2011

40 Weeks

No, I am not smuggling a watermelon under there! 

So we made it to 40 weeks & lemme tell ya, I am so ready to have this baby! 

I've been trying to walk and keep active while still trying to rest and save my energy...hoping that one of these days baby Camden will decide to come. On Saturday we tried going on a 3 mile walk to see what would happen. We walked to the movies, saw Water for Elephants and walked back. It was a fun date but nothing babywise happened at all. All that came from that trek was a sore back, feet and hips! I am under the impression that really nothing you try will help...baby is just going to want to come when he wants to come.

 So yeah on top of the emotional waiting game that has been the last few weeks and my poor sore lil swollen body, my belly has been non stop crazy itchy and burning & trying to sleep with an actively kicking 6-7 lb baby inside you is not all that fun && all the rest that comes with being 9 months pregnant...it just isn't so glamorous. 

This morning I was practically in tears and nervous for what my doctor would say at my appointment. To my surprise he pretty much said...you are dilated and full term, lets induce this baby! I was sure he was going to say...lets wait another week or so, So I was prepared to start the water works, but no need to put up a fight, he was all for getting this sweet baby here & on his due date too!

Inducing this child was not my first choice on how this would all go down but
I just know he is ready to come out he just needs a little nudge or two ;) I've actually had more contractions today than the usual so he could technically come before tomorrow, you just never know...

...but for sure tomorrow morning we are checking in at Hotel St. Jude, as my doc calls it, and getting this show on the road! Kind of surreal to know when this little guy will be on his way out! Scott and I are both a lil nervous and excited but mostly just really excited! Wish us luck!

Look how much we have grown...

Haha...Funny that I thought my belly was "so huge" at 20 weeks!


Anonymous said...

brittany!!!!! i'm so excited for you!!! that is so funny, exactly what you described about your emotions and everything going into your 40 wk appointment is EXACTLY what happened to me with Jensen! and at my 40 weeks appt, the day before my due date, he said, lets induce you in the morning and i just cried because i was so happy....and guess what? that night, shortly after i went to bed i woke up at 3am, just 4 hours before my scheduled induction (on my due date), i went into labor naturally, with contractions!! haha wouldn't that be funny if that happened to you tonight? good luck!!!! i can't wait to see pics of your baby!

The Todds said...

Good luck!! I expect a full synopsis as soon as you're up to it. I need to know what's coming my way...I'm getting a little nervous...no turning back now!! Can't wait to see the little guy.

Carly said...

How exciting!! You're probably having that baby RIGHT NOW!! Woah...push hard! =)

Summer Naylor said...

You need to talk to Summer. It was everything they could do to stop the contractions at 35 weeks. Eat some really spicy food;)