Thursday, June 9, 2011

Have Hope

I just want to blow this quote up in a mega huge ginormous size 
and plaster it all over my walls...

"Fear not, be of good cheer
The future is as bright as your faith."

I have always loved this quote and I have really been able to apply it to just about every facet of my life...especially during the times when I have been a little less patient than I should have been or felt disappointed over the curveballs life has thrown at me...Or when I have felt helpless and distraught over the conditions of this morally decaying world and what it means for my future family. I even remember reciting this quote over & over in my head during hard times in college when I didn't think I could go on any more. It always gave me that extra boost of...I can do this! 

Family motto? I think YES!

We all really do have such bright futures ahead of us if we just keep on keeping on and focus on the eternal goal and perspective in life! There is no need to fear!

It is such a great reminder that...

& that if we just keep our heads up and 
have faith in His eternal plan and 
center our lives on our Savior, Jesus Christ...

The future really is as bright as our faith!

1 comment:

Mary and Taylor said...

Did you make all of those quote designs yourself?! So cute Brittany! Love the quote- we need a family modo over here in the Moody home!