Saturday, June 25, 2011

Camden's Birth Story

It all began early Wednesday morning around 4 am. I started having some painful contractions but they were only about 8-10 minutes apart. Still, it made me happy that my body was doing something on it's own before I went in to be induced. I couldn't sleep any longer and was just so darn excited that in just a few hours we would be getting this labor really started.

We checked into the hospital at 8am and got the best room in the house, right on the end! We made extra sure to remind all the nurses that I was Group Strep B (GSB) positive and they were all very concerned and supportive about me getting enough antibiotics. I ended up with 5 doses by the time Camden was born, the recommended amount is 2, so I was very thankful that my baby and I were doubly protected.

When I went in, I was still only dilated to 1 cm so they started me on a low dose of pitocin. Then we just had to wait for things to get going! 5 hours later, around 1pm I was still only dilated to 1 cm. It was kind of disappointing that nothing more was happening! My contractions were however, getting closer and closer together and much more intense so I decided to get my epidural. They told me it would also be helpful to get the epidural now to help relax and open my cervix so I felt good about getting it at this point and boy was I glad I did. It was sweet relief! I no longer had to grimace, squeeze Scott's hand or breath through the pain. I simply watched the contractions on the monitor as I laid there completely painless :) I was able to be on my feet and on the birthing ball up until this point but the rest of the labor, because of the epidural, I had to stay in bed...which really wasn't all that bad though there were some times that I wished I could get up and walk around. It was a long day in bed!

Shortly after, around 3 pm, I was dilated to 3 cm so my doc broke my water and they upped my pitocin. I didn't even feel when he broke my water because everything down there, including my feet and legs, were completely numb. It was the weirdest feeling trying to tell my feet to wiggle and nothing happened...I just felt like dead weight. Thankfully, a few hours before pushing time came I regained feeling in my legs and feet!

So my awesome husband, Mom and I were still patiently waiting for more things to happen. My nurse told me she likes to deliver on her shift so hopefully this baby would be here at least by midnight?! They told me to try to take a nap so that I would have my strength for delivery, whenever that would be. I took a few short cat naps here and there but mostly just continued to eat ice chips and suck on lollipops...I had about 4 before my nurse said I shouldn't have anymore! I also was visited by my loyal visitors...My family was just so excited for Camden's arrival they couldn't stay away! :)

Midnight came and I started to feel really uncomfortable and lots of pressure on my back. The pressure was most likely from baby moving down into the birthing canal but I was still only dilated to 3 cm! The anesthesiologist was called back in and shot a mix of drugs right into my epi line. I felt immediate relief and was able to take a 2 hour nap! It was the best thing ever because when I woke up I felt completely rested and little did I know that soon I would need all the energy I could get!

My new nurse came in to check me around 3am and I was at a 5 1/2 - 6. This was good news! Within the hour I started feeling more pressure so they decided to check me again and I was almost at an 8! Then I started to feel even more pressure and a burning pain and began to worry that my epidural wasn't working...but no, it wouldn't really be helping with this kind of pain. I was now at a 9 1/2 and felt the urge to start pushing!

I gave a good few pushes but my nurse said we would have to wait to push more til I was fully dilated or else I would probably tear really bad. There was no way I could wait, I told her, but I agreed to lay on my side for at least 10 minutes and try to hold it in. I never thought I would be a screamer in labor but at this point I didn't care. I was in the most pain I have ever felt! I had no idea this part would be this painful. I thought the contractions would be the worst! So I screamed and screamed through a good 3-4 contractions as I hung on to Scott and my Mom for dear life like a crazy lady! I was hoping that the door was closed and that I wasn't scaring the other pregnant ladies in the other labor rooms.

I then came to my senses, a little, and knew screaming wasn't going to be productive so I tried focusing on breathing through it all. Everyone told me what a good job I was doing and I just yelled back, " I know, I know okay!" Haha. I said quite a number of things that I probably would not have said in any other circumstance. It was funny for Scott and my Mom to see a whole other side of me come out...also maybe a little embarrassing, but no worries, no swear words slipped out!

I was able to resume pushing once I was at a 10 and the nurse let me feel the top of baby's head! Wow, this was really really happening. It gave me the motivation I needed to get through the next little bit of pushing. I told myself I could do this! I was getting so close. I could feel every push bringing Camden that much closer into this world. Thing was, Dr. Gray was no where in sight. I knew I was about ready to give birth so I told the nurse to just deliver the baby. I kind of yelled at her to just do it herself but she said she would have to get the doctor, since he was on call. So she went into the hall and yelled for the doctor to come.

Now it was go time! Once he got into the room, a few long minutes later, I then proceeded to yell at him too saying,"Dr. Gray get this baby out of me!" I think I even yelled at him to just reach up there and pull the baby out, I was so ready to be done pushing! Just a few intense pushes later and little Camden made his true arrival!

I saw his little body slip right out of me and the nurses placed him on my chest shortly after. I felt immediate relief and couldn't believe our sweet baby Camden was here. His amazing little cry was music to my ears. We all burst into tears. It was the most amazing moment of my life! Pure happiness and true accomplishment filled my whole being! He was born at 5:45 am on Thursday June 16th after almost 2 hours of pushing and 20+ hours of long labor!

He weighed in at 7 lbs 8 oz and was 21 1/2 inches long! Camden scored an 8 and then 9 on his apgar and has nursed like a champ since his very first hour. I made it out with just a few stitches. Recovery has not been a trip to Disneyland but I am so glad he is here safe and sound and I would gladly go through this all again, he is so worth it! I am such a proud momma! I could not have had this baby without the help of my Mom and wonderfully supportive husband by my side every step of the way. My nurse Heather was also pretty amazing, she too was so patient and encouraging. I felt so blessed!

We stayed 2 nights in the hospital because of our concerns with GSB. It was nice to recover a little in the hospital and be monitored and educated by the nurses. We had some of the best nurses and the hospital food was amazing. Not that it was really truly amazing but I was just so exhausted and hungry, it always tasted so darn good. I didn't understand why Scott and my Mom wouldn't finish their hospital meals?!

After 48 hours we were ready to go home. It was the funnest thing to be able to put him into his little car seat and take him home. It still seemed so surreal that this perfect baby was ours to keep! Having baby Camden was such a special experience and I am so glad I went through all that I did to get him here. He is such a sweet little spirit and I am so blessed and thankful to be his mommy! The bond we have is amazing and the love we share just continues to grow and grow! Scott of course loves his baby boy so much too. He is such a great daddy and it is amazing to see them two sweet boys!


tuesdays at nordic said...

Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing! You are definitely a trooper. I think you guys did a wonderful job! Little Camden is so handsome and I'm glad you all came home healthy and happy. So proud of you!

The Todds said...

Thanks for the low-down! What a long day-it all sounds so scary and wonderful at the same time! I can/can't wait until it's my turn! He's such a handsome little guy!

Summer Naylor said...

I must be a new mom too because I cried when I read the birth story. I think it hits pretty close to home for me since I just went through it two days before you. Don't worry I became a real crazy lady too! You've reminded me that I need to hurry and record Thomas's birth story too before I forget it all! Congrats again! I know what you're going through!

Aubrey said...

Wow! What a long labor! So sorry, but so happy that you and Camden are well! thanks for sharing the story.. love reading them!

Marissa said...

This made me cry!!! (And a little scared) So happy everything went well. Can't believe you guys have a baby!

Bonnie and Brian said...

Way to go, Brittany~ you and Camden are both major champs!!! I really enjoyed reading your story. I hope your recovery goes swiftly. Can't wait to see you again!