Sunday, October 2, 2011

Love at First Bite

Oh our baby Camden is growing up! He has changed so much this last month & we are loving this stage. He tried his first bites of rice cereal this weekend and wasn't so sure at first. He made these cute scrunchy faces and looked at us all funny but after a few tries he really started warming up to the idea of solid food {even though it was still pretty soupy!} 

He was hilarious to watch. Half of the cereal ended up dribbling out of his mouth onto the bib and everywhere else! We got some good video of the whole thing don't worry!

He really did so good for his first time! So proud of our little guy! 
Oh and love the Boon Spoon...Greatest invention I tell ya!

 Yay for trying new foods!

Next up on the menu is homemade carrot smash. I couldn't help myself...I was so excited to make my own baby food! Just two carrots made 9 servings! We will see how he likes these in a few more days after he gets the rice cereal down. 
Bring on the fun...and orange mess! Yippee! 

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Anna Simkins said...

He is eating? Cool. I can't wait to start that with Peyton. My doctor wants to wait till she is 6 months but I think I'll try to move it up a bit.