Thursday, December 15, 2011

6 Months New

Camden is a whole 6 months! Can't believe he has been in our family for half a year now...Oh how times flies! He is learning things so fast now & just getting so big! Camden still enjoys waking up every hour of the night as well as taking tiny lil cat naps during the day. There's just too much he wants to do and explore to have time for sleep ;) He is scooting/army crawling around all over the place and is just so curious and interested in the world around him. A few weeks ago he began sitting up all by himself and within the last few days has been babbling all the time...babababa. It is the sweetest sound!  Camden is such a good eater. His favorites foods are sweet peas, spinach, zucchini (he loves his green veggies) & bananas. He doesn't like anything orange yet. So funny! He is definitely go go go now but oh so fun and interactive. We are just loving this stage! He is constantly making us laugh. It is hard to have a bad day with this smiley boy around! So grateful to have such a happy & healthy baby boy! Happy half birthday little man!

18 lbs 3 oz (60-70%)
27 3/4 inches (92%)
46 cm head circ. (92%)

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Steve and Stephanie Anderson said...

adorable. I love how positive you are about his sleeping habits :) If it were me, I would probably be ranting and raving...I get a little crazy on little sleep. He's growing up so fast and doing so many things! Love it!