Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Traditions

This Christmas was extra special celebrating our babe's first Christmas. It is always fun experiencing things for the first time with baby Cam. Gifts felt somewhat superfluous this year. Camden was the only present we needed under the tree!

My Grandma Moon has made it quite the special tradition of making each of us our own, unique and beautiful Christmas stocking. They are so festive and bright. I love seeing them hung each year! It is always exciting to see each new addition as our family grows. It was especially exciting this Christmas to see our little family of 3 stockings all completed and hung by the fire. Camden's turned out beautiful! (She made Scott's the year we were married!) A lot of work, detail and care go into these stockings! They are such a beautiful momento and legacy of love from our Grandma Moon. This year I got to take them to display in our home for next year :) I can't wait. Thank you Grandma!  

For Christmas eve we baked our traditional red velvet cake with Grandma's recipe. I got to add the red food coloring and frost the cake. It turned out beautifully. I love this cake and the meaning and tradition behind it! It always brings back so many memories of Christmas past and it tastes amazing! 

We feasted a wonderful feast and afterwards went around the table and said what Christmas meant to us which turned into a tender and spiritual time of story telling and testimony sharing. Maybe a new tradition? We had our traditional talent show of course and also got to open our warm and fluffy Christmas pajama's from our Nanny, Grandma Farrow! It was a special evening!

Christmas morning we were awakened by Brinley's exclamation, "Santa came!" We all rushed out and opened our stocking stuffers and gifts from santa! Oh wait, we can't forget Dad's graceful heel click before gift opening commenced....another new tradition perhaps? It's always fun to see the excitement on little one's faces as they open Santa gifts...Actually the best faces were made by the big kids as they received their new iphone 4s from Santa! I can't even remember what Santa got us. Candy? Maybe we were bad this year!  ;) Church on Christmas day was so meaningful and the music was beautiful. I sort of wish Christmas was on a sunday every year!

Camden's favorite part of opening gifts was definitely the wrapping paper! The next day we found a few pieces of foiled wrapping in his diaper. Whoops! 

It was so wonderful to be with family and to celebrate fun traditions, yummy foods and gifts during this time of year! I am most grateful for the gift of our Savior. This Christmas I had so much more admiration for the mother of Christ. What a special baby boy she had! I hope to keep Christmas in my heart all year long!

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The Todds said...

What a great Christmas! I had the same thought this year about Mary and baby Jesus and how blessed I am to now be a mother to such a sweet and beautiful baby boy!