Thursday, February 16, 2012


Camden's first bubble bath! He tried to eat the bubbles...hence the bubble mustache in the first pic. Funny boy. He gets so excited for his baths! Bring on the bath toys and splashes. I need to get one of those spout protectors so he doesn't bonk his head on the faucet. Crazy boy! He loves watching the bath drain...he looks at me like, "Where did the water go?" He is just so curious and loves to explore everything around him.... 

Last night we got out his big boy car seat to check it out since we haven't seen it out of the box yet. While Scott was trying to figure out the straps and latches to this rocket ship of a car seat, Cam was all over him trying to get in on the action even when we tried to move him out of the way. He just doesn't miss a beat. He was trying to eat the instruction manual & climb up over Scott to see what he was doing. We tried to give him toys to distract him but no he just crawled right back over to see what we were up to. It was so funny. Camden is a very busy, curious little boy! I love that about him. 

I just love every minute with this crazy, busy, sweet, fun little boy of mine. 

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