Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Fun Valentine's Day

Scott worked from home 
Camden and I enjoyed a snuggly nap
We all ate lunch together
Drove to buy & pick up our new car in Elon, NC
Ate dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse
 Swapped Homemade Valentines 
Played Minute to Win it VDay style

...All in all it was a blast!

The first minute to win it game we played was what I like to call the "Heart Transplant". You try to transfer all the chocolate hearts from one spot to the next in 60 seconds or less using...chop sticks! Scott rocked at this game! I on the other hand failed miserably! Haha! The next game we played was the "Heart-A-Stack" game. The one with the tallest tower of conversation hearts at the end of 60 seconds wins! I dominated at this one! 

I had planned to make a really nice dinner and have the house all decorated cutesie with a candy and hearts path from the door to the table when Scott came home but since we went to go pick up our car...all our plans changed. I'm glad they did because we ended up having a really fun night! 

Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I definitely felt the love this VDay! Thanks to my boys for making it so special!

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