Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hickory, NC

We hadn't even been in our new house one week and we took off for a 3 day business trip to Hickory, NC, about an hour and a half away. I was a bit hesitant about another hotel stay so soon after we got into our new house and comfy beds again but in the end, I was glad we went along to support...I know we would have missed our husband and daddy way too much anyways. Plus, its always nice when you get upgraded to a suite & the company pays for all your meals  ;) 

The suite was awesome because Camden had lots of room to crawl around and explore!He found his twin in the mirror! This kept him entertained for a while. He made me laugh so hard when he started licking his reflection! What a riot!

What ended up being really great was that Scott's boss's wife also came along with their 10 month old so we had some friends to hang out with during the day! We got along great and had lots of fun shopping (we got the boys matching pjs) and explored this gorgeous new mall in town, complete with indoor carousel! We almost rode it but figured it wasn't worth the money for babies that wouldn't even remember it haha. So glad we could meet Megan, Will & Scott's new boss JR. Can't wait to get together with them again!

I got to sneek into a picture too...

Best buds just taking a break from shopping. 

Cam is such a lil socialite. He just beamed when he was around Will! 
So glad we all had a fun time!

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