Friday, February 3, 2012

It's crib time!

I think this is my number one, very favorite thing in our new home right now! So SO happy to FINALLY have his CRIB up in his OWN ROOM all set up with the BEDDING I have been dying to get out of the package and put into use! Every time I walk by his room, I see his little crib in there and smile. Now the other side of the room with boxes galore, that is a different story. Little by little we will get there but for now it is just so nice Camden has his own little room & that we actually have space to breath in this house! 


Pretty sure Cam likes it too! He spent his first night sleeping quite soundly. 
Only woke up once :)

The many faces of Camden...

Haha love this little man!

"Seriously Mom?! You are taking more pictures? Don't you have enough already?" ;)

This photo shoot brought to you by not-wanting-to-go-down-for-my-morning-nap!


Bonnie and Brian said...

Awesome awesome awesome! And I LOVE his face on the 6th pic!!!!! HAHAHA!!! wow, he's a fun little guy.

Shelly and Bryce Stanger said...

Love the pics! Cute faces! I couldn't tell at all you are excited to have some space!!!