Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Camden is 9 Months!

Can't believe our baby is 9 months old. He seems more like a toddler now than a baby. It is kind of bittersweet but mostly sweet. Every new stage is my favorite. He is still our active, happy, curious, friendly, personality filled boy! Our love for him just continues to grow and grow. 

I seriously can't remember what life was like without him...I was looking back through my blog posts and when I couldn't see pics of Camden anymore I asked myself where he was...oh wait, he wasn't born yet! Haha. He is a forever part of our hearts & just the greatest blessing ever. 

The other night while rocking him to sleep in my arms I looked down at his sweet sleepy eyes and began completely sobbing. Not just a tear in the eye...full on catch your breath sobbing. I was just completely consumed with love for this precious little boy I couldn't hold it in any longer! I said a prayer in my heart thanking my Heavenly Father for sending him to us. My heart is very full with a mother's love. Camden is my favorite lil buddy and dad's biggest fan...so special to see the bond my 2 boys have! Love them! 

Here is what Camden has been up to lately...

Drinking from a cup now
Yogurt & blueberries are his current favorites
Squeals with delight while listening to daddy play guitar
Loves climbing up dad's legs to grab at the guitar strings
Happily watches yo gabba gabba, sesame street or baby e
Loves play dates with friends and swinging at the park
Takes steps while pushing his walker toy or umbrella stroller
Climbs up on anything he can & cruises furniture like a pro
Knows when he is getting into something he isn't supposed to
Drool damaged yet another electronic, my laptop charger
Loves watching cars zooming past & barking doggies on our walks
Loves looking through board books and turning the pages
Points to things & presses buttons on his toys with his cute little finger
Sleeps 10-12 hours through the night, finally
Gives the sweetest hugs and slobbery kisses

Makes the best surprised/excited face I have ever seen...

Oh I just love every little thing about our little guy! Can you tell!? :)

& here are a few pictures of Camden as a sweet tiny newborn. 

Oh where oh where has my baby gone??! 

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Morgan and Holly said...

He does look so grown up!! Hope you guys are doing great! It looks like you are :)