Monday, March 5, 2012

Yarn Baby Mobile

I was so excited about making this lil addition to Camden's nursery & I really love how it turned out! 

All you need to make this yarn baby mobile is...

yarn {of course}
chopsticks {for the X}
scissors {to cut the yarn}
your fingers or a serving spoon/fork {to make the pom poms} 
& dental floss or fishing wire to hang. 

I had everything on hand and only had to buy the yarn and bring home some chop sticks from a japanese restaurant! Hehe. 

I just used a few tutorials found on pinterest to put it all together and voila! All in all it was less than $4 to make this lil homemade mobile! Score! 

Camden likes looking up at it...but mostly from outside his crib while I am holding him up. He hates being in his crib when he is awake! No cute yarn mobile is going to change that! Haha.

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